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At Jensen, we are on the move. We ship it inbound and outbound, through the airways, on the roads and over the oceans. We provide 3PL, 4PL and every shipping service known to the modern age. Jensen empowers freight logistics professionals working for our partners 24 hours a day to get the goods moving and delivered.  


Every Shipper has their own unique requirements regarding transit time allowances in any given supply chain and that is where our specialization can work for you...inbound or outbound.  When time is of the essence, we have the solutions.  At origin overseas, for example, our people can scramble a truck to your supplier and take the shipment directly to the airport or ocean pier.  One cannot rush the ship or plane in transit but many processes can be accelerated dramatically in advance at arrival in the first entry port. We can work to get advanced carrier release and have a truck ready to retrieve the shipment and move directly to your door.  Import or Export our people locally and worldwide communicate, coordinate and get it done.


For less urgent cargos we have the bottom-line approach to assure good delivery time at a required value matching the exact needs of the project.  We have the solutions for every project and supply chain no matter where the priority on your time-cost service matrix and that includes consolidated, special equipment, break bulk and RO/RO consignments. 

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