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Our oceans are the world’s greatest highway accounting for 95% of the goods shipped worldwide. There are fifty-five thousand merchant vessels in operation that are circulating an estimated twenty million ocean containers throughout the world.  What does that mean to shippers?  It means in about 30 days one can ship their goods inside an ocean container door to door to or from just about anywhere on the planet.  There are exceptions, of course, but shipping over the sea is reliable and the single most important mode of shipping internationally.   Ocean freight is also the most cost-effective way to move freight worldwide as modern super carriers can carry 15,000+ containers per sailing.  The fact that any given vessel can travel distances estimated at up to ¾ of the distance to the moon and back in one year highlights the significance ocean freight has on our lives in the modern world. Let us put our expertise to work for your international ocean freight logistics needs today. 

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